sabato 29 dicembre 2012

Salvete flores martyrum - santi Innocenti

Santi Innocenti

Salvete flores martyrum, - Hail Martyr Flowers
quos lucis ipso in limine On the very threshold of the dawn (of life)
Christi insecutor sustulit - Christs persecutor destroyed (you)
ceu turbo nascentes rosas. - like the whirlwind does the budding roses.

Vos prima Christi victima, - You Christs firstfruits
grex immolatorum tener, A flock of tender sacrificial victims
aram sub ipsam simplices right up by the very altar
palma et coronis luditis. now play with your palms and crowns

Iesu, tibi sit gloria, - Jesus to you be glory
qui natus es de Virgine, who were born of the Virgin
cum Patre et almo Spiritu, - with the Father and loving Spirit
in sempiterna saecula. Amen. - unto to eternal ages. Amen.

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