mercoledì 30 maggio 2012



Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris.

Pilgrim priests
throngs of pilgrims.
Pilgrims of all ages
and especially
the young here kneeling.
Mass and Holy Communion
before they leave.
Pilgrims kneeling
before setting off.
The Standard of the Cross 
and Our Lady 
leading the thousands ever onwards.
Yes, we know these as they set out.

Procession to Mass in the fields.
A long procession.
Holy Mass.
and Communion
O Esca Viatorum ~ O Food of men wayfaring...
Through the fields
they pilgrimage onwards
an image of the Church pressing on through the ages
these fields saw pilgrims last century
and two hundred years ago pilgrims passed here ...
...five hundred years ago it was the same Church, doing the same thing ...
doing what their ancestors in the faith did 100 years before them
in 1400 A.D.... and 1300 A.D.
... in 1200 AD it was the same story of pilgrimage from Paris to Chartres;
the days of prayer and 75 miles on foot as penance for sins;
prayer and penance in action, 
a proclamation of the Kingship of Christ.
The Cathedral is packed with pilgrims.
Many are still quite young.

See how the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres is overflowing with them...
... e mostraci dopo questo esilio, Gesù,
il frutto benedetto del Tuo seno.
O clemente, o pia, o dolce Vergine Maria. 

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