giovedì 2 gennaio 2014

La chiesa sale della terra


Uno spaccato del declino dell’Occidente dove questo è più forte, l’Inghilterra. 
Gesù disse ai suoi discepoli: 
“Voi siete il sale della terra; ma se il sale perdesse il sapore,

con che cosa lo si potrà rendere salato? A null’altro serve

che ad essere gettato via e calpestato dagli uomini”.
Matteo 5,13
A Swansea, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Liverpool e Newcastle le stesse scene di giovani completamente ubriachi.
Non è strano che la Gb sia, al tempo stesso, il paese più ossessionato con il politicamente corretto, l’antirazzismo, la propaganda gay e sia anche il più disastrato eticamente.

Newcastle: Two friends carry their worse for wear and barefoot friend after a night out in and around the northern city's notorious Bigg Market
Swansea: A young man poses carrying a seemingly passed-out woman so another can capture the image on her mobile phone during last night's New Year's Eve celebrations
Birmingham: A group of police officers confront three male revellers following a row in the street during the night's celebrations in Britain's second city
Manchester: A group of friends look concerned as they support a young woman who is being sick in the street last night
Liverpool: Liverpudlian revellers partied hard as they celebrated the arrival of 2014 but the streets where lined with extra police to control the crowds and in case trouble broke-out
 Catching up on some sleep: A New Year's Eve reveller has a well earned rest by placing his head on a bollard in the middle of Broad Street in Birmingham
Row: A group of men are seen fighting outside a hotel following a night out in Birmingham last night
Long arm of the law: A reveller is searched by police officers in the centre of Swansea last night
Liverpool: A young man celebrating the New Year in the city is led my police into a waiting van after a night out
Partygoers are seen in Birmingham, England after a night out celebrating New Years Eve

Paramedics treat a man with head injuries that he sustained during a night out
Held: A police officer pins a man against a tree and pulls back his hands following an incident in the centre of Swansea, South Wales
A man is wrestled to the ground by police and security after allegedly assaulting a security guard, he was later arrested and taken away in a police van, witnesses said
This man was arrested for allegedly assaulting a bouncer during New Year's Eve celebrations

Chat: This police officer grabs this man by the arm and points his radio at him in Liverpool last night as people had a night out to celebrate the start of 2014
Pictured: Police make an arrest in the heart of the Bigg Market in the centre of Newcastle on New Year's Eve
Police action: This officer wrestles with a man who was among thousands of people who packed into Cardiff city centre to party last night
Happy new year: Two friends share a cigarette and a kiss outside a nightclub while sitting on a Newcastle kerb this morning
Birmingham: St John's Ambulance  first aiders tend to a paralytic reveller passed out on a fence on Birmingham's Broad Street during New Year's Eve celebrations in the city
Caped crusaders: A group of yiung men enjoy some New Year's fun by dressing as superheroes Batman, Robin and Superman in Soho overnight
London: A young lady speaks to Scotland Yard officers in Soho, central London last night, in a city where more than 100 were arrested overnight for various crimes linked to the celebrations
In need of help: A young man appears to collapse to the ground in Manchester and is held up by a friend as others watch on
Fall: The bemused looking young man then fell to the floor with this young woman on top of him outside the Manchester Printworks club
Feeling unwell: A young woman looks poorly and has a bottle of water at her feet while being comforted by another woman in a Soho doorway
Upset: A young woman looks tearful as her friends support her in Newcastle, while police deal with an incident in the street behind them

New year affection: Two women embraced and kissed as the clock struck midnight in Cardiff last night
In need of help: This young woman's sore feet appear to get the better of her as a friend carried her through the streets of Liverpool

Filthy work: More than 250,000 people turned out to watch the fireworks in central London but the result was piles and piles of mess, including here on Parliament Square

In front of the Eye: At the spot where many watched the fireworks street cleaners and rubbish collectors take part in a huge operation to clean up the streets of central London following New Year's Eve celebrations

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